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A "Private Dancer" in Mom's Kitchen!

Now streaming on Amazon Prime

   Premiered at the Myrtle Beach   

       International Film festival.

COMEDY - Adult twin brothers, one a doctor and the other having a GED certificate, have been squabbling since birth. Now living in different states, they are forced by their aging mother to reunite for 4 weeks to "re-bond" while she vacations in Paris.  Once they are together, major conflict develops and they become entangled in a love-triangle with a "private dancer" who also claims to be a physician.



"I Couldn't Stop Laughing"

My favorite scene is when the animals all show up and Edward starts describing the species....hilarious!!!
I like the fact that everyone eats. Lots of movies forget to show the actors eating, sleeping, or using the bathroom. Nothing is forgotten in this movie.
They take off their shoes before coming into mom’s house! LOL!
She climbed out of the car trunk! I couldn’t stop laughing!
Soooo funny!

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