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Bill Briles


About Us

My wife and I met 17 years ago at a showing of our first movie, "Romance at Frisky's Bar".   A close friend suggested that she see the movie, she agreed, we were introduced, and the rest is history.  Her talents were impressive, which included beautiful singing, superb acting, (and many other things including excellent chef and song-writer,), so we re-shot and re-edited her into the movie before seeking distribution. Her character was the "Singing Virgin".  She later found a distributor for the movie (by fluke) in the "Film-Makers Lounge" at the Tribeca Film Festival and we have been making flicks ever since.  We are hooked.    We are now shooting our sixth movie, "My High School Girlfriend, Your Wife".   We are generally the only two people involved in pre-production, production, and post-production, (including writing, cinemaphotography, acting,  and  editing).  On our last movie, "A Private Dancer in Mom's Kitchen",  we did everything including playing 8 characters.  We are always very busy.  The last movie took us 18 months to complete.  The name Char-Leta is a combination of my name, "Charles" (Bill), and her name, "Aleta".

The Team

The People of Char-Leta

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