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Behind the Scenes

TRIVIA and Behind the Scenes Scoop for “A Private Dancer in Mom’s Kitchen”.

Some have expressed an interest in how we made the movie, so here is some info..�


1. The paint bucket falling on Ed’s head from the top of the house had to be dropped on Ed’s head 5 times to get the shot to match (Billy dropping it on him in the movie). Aleta was standing on the ladder (cut out of the final image), aiming and dropping the bucket on Ed’s head. A mild headache resulted.


2. The strippers (all Aleta) were dancing on a glass dining room table-top. Glass was needed so we could light her from underneath. We were nervous about the glass breaking so our safety plan was: if the glass starts to break, “quickly jump out and away”. OSHA would be proud.


3. All characters including extras (restaurant, gawkers at stripper joint, girl who was almost hit by car, etc. etc.) were done by 2 people (Aleta and Bill).


4. For the scene on top of the house, Ed was wearing Billy’s clothes under-neath his dress shirt and pants (in order to get a quick shot of both of them before the light changed).


5. The movie cost 97 dollars (excluding the camera and other equipment). Ninety two dollars for closed captions and $5 for a bag of flour (for the flour-fight). The “help” was very cheap.


6. The infant in a blanket was a pineapple. After experimentation with several items, it looked like the most realistic infant.


7. Aleta did the belly dance on the kitchen counter on a space approximately one foot square. A lot of dancing in a small space.


8. The flour dust floated through the air (much more than expected) coating most household surfaces with a thin coat of flour.


9. The door-push into Ed’s nose took 7 tries.


10 . All lighting was natural light, either sunlight through windows or practicals (lamps) at night. The "behind-the-scenes" photo was set up for the pic.


11. Aleta held the camera to shoot herself pick-pocketing the over-weight cigar man after his heart-attack.


12. All ADR (voice over, etc.) and songs were done in Aleta’s closet. (She is the singer.) Her hanging clothes were great for acoustics.


13. The gun was loaded during part of the gun scene to show bullets in the chamber.


14. All animals in the movie were shot (with the camera😊) out our den window. The camera was always set and ready to shoot over a 2-year period.


15. Sardines out of a can were the special meal that Ed prepared.


16. Driving on the wrong side of the road was done by flipping the image.


17. The female shrink (Aleta) was done with a thick Persian accent. (She speaks fluent Farsi)


18. The shot of the 3 characters (2 real people: Aleta and Bill) in the speeding sports car was the most difficult. (Making it match.) Aleta was driving while Ed was being shot in the back.


19. The yogurt was made from real German Shepherd’s breast milk. (😃 just kidding.)

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